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Biologists, psychologists, linguists, philosophers, neuroscientists, roboticists, AI-researchers...


Paper and poster submissions are invited for a Two-day Symposium on

AI-Inspired Biology (AIIB)
(Not Biologically Inspired AI -- BIAI!)
31st March--1st April 2010

Sponsored by EUCogII ( )

to be held at the AISB 2010 Convention along with 13 other symposia on 29th March - 1st April 2010 at De Montfort University, Leicester,

The AIIB symposium will mainly be concerned with:

Past, ongoing and especially future influences FROM AI/robotics TO the study of natural cognition.
This can include using relevance to natural cognition, as a test for generality and power of theories of artificial


Prof Kim Bard, Portsmouth University
Prof Margaret Boden, Sussex University
(will lead the closing discussion on "The way forward")
Prof Nicky Clayton, Cambridge University
Prof Nick Chater, University College London
Prof Antje Meyer, University of Birmingham
Prof Murray Shanahan, Imperial College London

For more details see the AIIB web site (above) or write to


Jackie Chappell (Biology)
[Symposium Chair]
Susannah Thorpe (Biology)
School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham

Nick Hawes (AI/Robotics)
Aaron Sloman (Philosophy/AI/Robotics)
School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham

More details regarding the symposium, including confirmed speakers,
priorities for paper selection, submission categories,
provisional style files and deadlines available here:

2 page poster summaries and 6-8 page full papers are invited.
See the web site for details.

The web site will be retained after the symposium as a record of the
meeting, with papers and presentations available online.

The submission deadline will probably be mid December.
Please look at the web site late November.

At least one author of every accepted paper will be expected to
attend the symposium.

Jackie Chappell , (Symposium Chair)
Susannah Thorpe ,
Nick Hawes ,
Aaron Sloman

Dr Susannah KS Thorpe
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