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  • Need technical information assistance

    I have an ancient (15+ years) motion analysis system from Oxford Metrics
    (VICON). The AD board in this system is a DT part number 02181-EP125
    Rev. K.

    The AD module is a DT 5727-SE-PGH.

    There is also a DT 05-EX-SE module on the board.

    There are a number of other microprocessors on the board.

    I'm trying to extract force and moment data (6 channels) from an AMTI
    OR6-5-1000 force plate. The system has RS232 ports that I can connect to
    a laptop or desktop computer.

    DT no longer supports this board, but if I can get some specs and code,
    maybe I can get it working.

    Does anyone have any documentation on the DT 5727 AD module? I know it
    has a throughput of 250K and a 12-bit resolution. Beyond that, I have

    Gary A. Christopher, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

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