Department of Sport Science, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Keywords: Injury mechanism, collisions, knee, simulation, multibody system, muscle model, LMS DADS

In alpine skiing accidents due to collisions (skier – skier, skier – obstacle) are an important issue leading to severe and in some cases even to fatal injuries. At the Department of Sport Science of the University of Innsbruck a multi body model of an alpine Skier on two skis has been developed in LMS DADS in order to investigate carved turns in alpine Skiing. To advance in the field of injury simulation this research assistant job is aimed at the simulation of collisions in alpine skiing and the assessment of possible risk factors. The work might be combined with a Ph.D/a good starting point for a Ph.D.
This study is supported by INTERREG IV and is part of the SkiProTech project.
The position requires expertise in modelling and simulation of human movement (multibody systems, muscle models, contact models) and alpine skiing.

Salary: 1831 € /month

Start: as soon as possible
End: 30.9.2011

Candidates are invited to submit their application by email to

Univ.-Prof. Dr. W. Nachbauer
or Dr. Dieter Heinrich
Department of Sport Science
University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria