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This product is interesting because of its wireless technology, though
you might be able to buy similar units from companies such as AMM does not describe any capability to translate sensor
data into biomechanical variables such as joint angles. You may also
want to take a look at related products from Xsens, Microstrain, or

Another interesting aspect of this announcement is the possibility for
outside software developers to have their applications marketed via
AMM. I have heard of only one other company (C-Motion) doing this. I
think this sort of arrangement should be encouraged because it can
accelerate innovation.


Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

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Advanced Motion Measurement (AMM) launches AmmSensorT (AMG1)

- A real-time, 'wireless' 3D (6DOF) 250Hz IMU that is Bluetooth compatible.

Phoenix, AZ. Dec 4, 2009 . AMM introduces the AmmSensorT, a real-time
wireless 3D IMU to the Life Sciences field. This 3D (6DOF) inertial
measurement sensor provides angular data and employs three miniature
tri-axial MEMS chips to capture acceleration, the earth's magnetic vector
and angular velocity (9 digital outputs).

It has a sampling rate of 250Hz and measures rotational velocity up to a
maximum of 2,000 degrees/sec. Bluetooth technology allows the AmmSensorT to
communicate and transmit 3D motion data to a cell phone, iPhone, laptop or
any Bluetooth enabled device. Multiple Bluetooth data links can monitor
several sensors at a time, allowing the user to define and use
multi-segmental biomechanical models. AmmSensorT is small (2.75" x 1.7" x
0.7" - 68 x 43 x 18), light (1.5 oz. - 42g) and inexpensive. An internal
rechargeable battery gives it up to eight hours of life. The real-time
aspect of the AmmSensorT allows it to be used as a biofeedback training
tool. See

Phil Cheetham, CEO and CTO commented that "the introduction of MEMS
technology has been harnessed to allow AmmSensorT to introduce the most
useful, flexible and cost-effective wireless motion capture sensor in the
world today."

Phil Cheetham also said: "The introduction of AmmSensorT opens up numerous
possibilities, new applications and new markets." It comes with a simple
software program that displays and records the nine output values: 3D
acceleration (Ax, Ay, Az), 3D magnetic field (Mx, My, Mz), and 3D gyroscope
(Gx, Gy, Gz). The sensor output can be changed between binary and ASCII by
the user. Binary mode provides 250 complete samples per second, whereas
ASCII output is 125 samples per second, and is intended for ease-of-use with
any terminal program that can receive 115 KBaud data. These data streams
can be mathematically combined to produce accurate kinematic parameters for
pitch, yaw and roll regarding any object to which the sensor is attached.

AMM is offering an invitation to OEMs and independent software engineers to
create software applications for the AmmSensorT IMU. Upon selection,
submitted application programs will be advertised and sold via the web site and a royalty will be paid to the developer. Simple
demonstration software enables programs to be written in any .Net managed
code VB, C#, C++, Matlab or Labview. Demonstration code will be provided in
VB and Windows Mobile 6 (see website for further details:

About AmmSensorT the company, and its parent company Advanced Motion

AmmSensorT is a hardware development company and has been formed to
capitalize on our many years of knowledge and experience in the motion
analysis industry. The motion analysis industry for many years has been
using imaging, electro-mechanical and electromagnetic systems, which have
been traditionally expensive to procure and technically difficult to use.
AmmSensorT now heralds in a new era of light-weight wireless sensors that
are precise, small, easy-to-use and inexpensive. The AmmSensorT IMU can be
used in a myriad of applications: biomechanics, rehabilitation, gait
analysis, motor learning, neuroscience, slip-and-fall, forensic medicine,
sports science, and for teaching physics in the educational field. To learn
more about AMM visit

Advanced Motion Measurement is a software company that develops products and
offers services to capture, measure and analyze human motion. AMM's
software is applicable to any use in which the accuracy of motion
measurement is critical. It is used to analyze movement characteristics and
improve human motion. AMM's suite of motion measurement tools can be used
as a complete motion measurement solution or components can be selected to
enhance its current motion measurement systems.

Phil Cheetham: CEO of Advanced Motion Measurement. A pioneering
Biomechanist, Phil is also an Olympian in gymnastics. In the golfing world
Phil is known as "the 3D guy" and he is in the unique position of bringing
together theory, practice, software and now MEMS hardware for the
implementation and maximization of human physical performance.

For more information on AmmSensorT, contact V.P. of Sales, Stephen Cheetham
by phone at (602) 263-8657 or email:

Stephen Cheetham
V.P. of Sales

Advanced Motion Measurement, Inc.
1202 E. Maryland Ave. Ste. 1J Phoenix Arizona. USA 85014
Tel: (602) 263-8657
Fax: (602) 277-2326
Web Site:
Web Site:

"Applying Biomechanics to Achieve Peak Performance!"