Job announcement

Friedrich-Schiller-University (FSU) Jena, Chair of Science of Motion

*2 Ph.D. Positions (TV-LE 13 (O)-0.5) or 1 Postdoc Position (TV-LE 13
(O)) 36 months - biomechanics of avian locomotion*

We are looking for highly motivated individuals to carry out
biomechanical research on avian locomotion in a joint project together
with zoologists and computer vision specialists supported by the DFG
(German Research Foundation).

By combining the available digital biplanar high speed x-ray technology
with advanced algorithms for (semi-) automatic data tracking,
comparative studies in morphology, kinematics, kinetics and modeling, we
intend to investigate general principles of bipedal locomotion and
adaptations of the avian locomotor system. We will focus on three
levels: individual motor variance, species-specific morphology and
global strategies for general movement goals such as speed or stability .

Applicants (physicists, engineers, biologists, biomechanists) with
interest in biological and bionic research should have experience in
techniques of measurement and/or mechanical modeling (including MATLAB
and libraries).

Applications must include a CV, a brief statement of research experience
and interests. Proficiency in both written and spoken English is required.

Disabled people are encouraged to apply.

Applications will be considered until the position has been filled.
Please submit your documents no later than February 1, 2010. Please
address your application and any queries to Reinhard Blickhan