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One day conference: New analytical tools in Clinical GaitAnalysis for better patient outcomes - 06 May 2010

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  • One day conference: New analytical tools in Clinical GaitAnalysis for better patient outcomes - 06 May 2010

    One day conference: New analytical tools in Clinical Gait Analysis for better patient outcomes - 06 May 2010.

    Organised by the IPEM Rehabilitation Engineering and Biomechanics Special Interest Group and kindly co-sponsored by CMAS.

    Clinicians use clinical movement analysis to help decide which treatment a patient should receive or whether a particular treatment has benefited a patient. Doctors and physiotherapists are presented with large quantities of concurrent time series data describing the movement of joints, the forces acting on the body, and the activation of certain muscles. In the most part, they analyse the data using the most rudimentary tools. The data can be ambiguous, seemingly contradictory or redundant. Consequently, doctors may find it difficult to make a decision or quantify improvement with a high degree of confidence.
    One of the challenges to scientists and engineers working in movement analysis is to make the data more meaningful to clinicians. This event will provide an opportunity for scientists, engineers, doctors, and physiotherapists to exchange ideas and present new results. The aim is to encourage dialog between professionals from different backgrounds in this multidisciplinary area of research and practice.
    Abstract submissions are invited from interested professionals in healthcare, industry and academia that explore data visualisation, data reduction, simulation, classification and higher order statistical methods to improve the efficacy of clinical movement analysis.

    Please submit one-page abstracts (electronic versions preferred) by 29 January 2010 to:

    Dr Benjamin Cox
    ATcare Design and Development Centre
    31 Scarborough Street
    E1 8DR

    Tel: 020 7264 8945

    Call for Papers deadline: 29 JANUARY 2010

    If you have any queries, or if you are interested in attending and would like to receive the Programme & Registration Form when it is available in February 2010, please contact