There are four new PhD studentships for 2010 advertised for the Structure
and Motion Group at the RVC (University of London), with details here:


The four ones from our lab's group are:
1. The role of pinnate muscles in mechanics and control of stable
2. Comparative sensory biomechanics of locomotion in horses, dogs, and
3. Investigating the ultimate costs of legged locomotion and constraints to
their reduction.
4. Biomechanical constraints on the anatomy of limb muscles.

And there are others that may be of interest to biomechanists in general.

**Note application deadline of 12 February and interview date of 16 March.

Also note that the studentships are funded for EU/EEA/Home students only,
although scholarships for exceptional non-EEA students might be available

Visit our website for more details about our group, headed by Prof. Alan
Wilson: www.rvc.ac.uk/sml

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