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-------------- Summary of the latest issues -----------
- Vol. 5, No. 1, 7 papers (Special Issue on 4th Asian Pacific Conference
on Biomechanics)
- Vol. 4, No. 4, 4 papers

-------------- Table of Contents: Vol. 5, No. 1 -----------
Timothy DAVID, Masao TANAKA
pp. 1

Micro-computerised Tomography Optimisation for the Measurement of Bone
Mineral Density around Titanium Dental Implants
Chae PARK, Michael SWAIN, Warwick DUNCAN
pp. 2-10

Development of an In Vitro Tracking System with Poly (vinyl alcohol)
Hydrogel for Catheter Motion
ChangHo, Hiroyuki KOSUKEGAWA, Keisuke MAMADA, Kanju KUROKI, Kazuto
pp. 11-17

Simulation of Force Changes in the Human Biceps Using a Muscle Model
Based on Electromyographic Signals
Akira ITO, Masami SAITO, Youjiro TAMURA
pp. 18-23

Possibility of Total Hip Arthroplasty Using Shape Memory Alloy
Masaru HIGA, Takuya TSUCHIHASHI, Masayoshi ABO, Satoshi KAKUNAI
pp. 24-31

A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) System Based on Auditory Stream Segregation
Shin'ichiro KANOH, Ko-ichiro MIYAMOTO, Tatsuo YOSHINOBU
pp. 32-40

Study of Flea Jumping Mechanism for Biomimetic Robot Design
Sheikh Rashed BUKSH, XiaoQi CHEN, Wenhui WANG
pp. 41-52

-------------- Vol. 4, No. 4 -----------
An Easy and Quick Formulation of Patient-Specific 3D-FEM Dentate
Mandible Model with Periodontal Ligament for Mechanical Analysis
Yoshihiro TAKAO, Junpei TAKAHASHI, Masahiko TERAJIMA, Wen-Xue WANG,
pp. 550-561

Development of a Passive Knee Motion Simulator to Evaluate Deep Knee
Flexion of Total Knee Prosthesis
Yasuju TAKANO, Masaru UENO, Kazuo KIGUCHI, Syuya IDE, Masaaki MAWATARI,
pp. 562-575

Computer Simulation of Radiotherapy for Malignant Tumor - A Mechanical
Analogy Method -
Seishin TAKAO, Shigeru TADANO, Hiroshi TAGUCHI, Hiroki SHIRATO
pp. 576-588

Reduction of Wear Volume from Accelerated Aged UHMWPE Knee Components by
the Addition of Vitamin E
Satoshi TERAMURA, Hideyuki SAKODA, Tomohiro TERAO, Kunihiko FUJIWARA,
Kosuke KAWAI, Naohide TOMITA
pp. 589-596

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