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Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering (JBSE)

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  • Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering (JBSE)

    Dear Colleagues,

    The latest issue of our journal "Journal of Biomechanical Science and
    Engineering (JBSE)" has been published. Free online version is now
    available at

    -------------- Summary of the latest issues -----------
    - Vol. 5, No. 1, 7 papers (Special Issue on 4th Asian Pacific Conference
    on Biomechanics)
    - Vol. 4, No. 4, 4 papers

    -------------- Table of Contents: Vol. 5, No. 1 -----------
    Timothy DAVID, Masao TANAKA
    pp. 1

    Micro-computerised Tomography Optimisation for the Measurement of Bone
    Mineral Density around Titanium Dental Implants
    Chae PARK, Michael SWAIN, Warwick DUNCAN
    pp. 2-10

    Development of an In Vitro Tracking System with Poly (vinyl alcohol)
    Hydrogel for Catheter Motion
    ChangHo, Hiroyuki KOSUKEGAWA, Keisuke MAMADA, Kanju KUROKI, Kazuto
    pp. 11-17

    Simulation of Force Changes in the Human Biceps Using a Muscle Model
    Based on Electromyographic Signals
    Akira ITO, Masami SAITO, Youjiro TAMURA
    pp. 18-23

    Possibility of Total Hip Arthroplasty Using Shape Memory Alloy
    Masaru HIGA, Takuya TSUCHIHASHI, Masayoshi ABO, Satoshi KAKUNAI
    pp. 24-31

    A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) System Based on Auditory Stream Segregation
    Shin'ichiro KANOH, Ko-ichiro MIYAMOTO, Tatsuo YOSHINOBU
    pp. 32-40

    Study of Flea Jumping Mechanism for Biomimetic Robot Design
    Sheikh Rashed BUKSH, XiaoQi CHEN, Wenhui WANG
    pp. 41-52

    -------------- Vol. 4, No. 4 -----------
    An Easy and Quick Formulation of Patient-Specific 3D-FEM Dentate
    Mandible Model with Periodontal Ligament for Mechanical Analysis
    Yoshihiro TAKAO, Junpei TAKAHASHI, Masahiko TERAJIMA, Wen-Xue WANG,
    Akihiko NAKASHIMA
    pp. 550-561

    Development of a Passive Knee Motion Simulator to Evaluate Deep Knee
    Flexion of Total Knee Prosthesis
    Yasuju TAKANO, Masaru UENO, Kazuo KIGUCHI, Syuya IDE, Masaaki MAWATARI,
    pp. 562-575

    Computer Simulation of Radiotherapy for Malignant Tumor - A Mechanical
    Analogy Method -
    Seishin TAKAO, Shigeru TADANO, Hiroshi TAGUCHI, Hiroki SHIRATO
    pp. 576-588

    Reduction of Wear Volume from Accelerated Aged UHMWPE Knee Components by
    the Addition of Vitamin E
    Satoshi TERAMURA, Hideyuki SAKODA, Tomohiro TERAO, Kunihiko FUJIWARA,
    Kosuke KAWAI, Naohide TOMITA
    pp. 589-596

    *** About JBSE ***
    JBSE, launched in 2006, is an international e-journal published as the
    official journal of the Bioengineering Division, the Japan Society of
    Mechanical Engineers (JSME-BED). The journal covers a wide range of
    topics in biomechanical engineering and related scientific field.
    On behalf of JBSE editors, we would like to invite you to submit a paper
    to JBSE. Please visit the website of Instructions for Authors before
    submitting a paper.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (

    Best regards,

    Ken-ichi Tsubota, PhD
    JBSE editor (Public relations)

    Associate Professor
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Division of Artificial System Science
    Graduate School of Engineering
    Chiba University
    1-33 Yayoi, Inage, Chiba 263-8522, Japan