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Symposium -- Muscle Fatigue

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  • Symposium -- Muscle Fatigue

    Last week at the Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine I
    was asked by several people to post the following announcement on a
    symposium that we are organizing. The Symposium is scheduled as a Satellite
    Symposium that will precede the 24th Annual Meeting of the Society of

    What? International Symposium on the Neural and Neuromuscular Aspects of
    Muscle Fatigue
    The purpose of the symposium is to honor the contributions of Brenda
    Bigland-Ritchie to the field of muscle fatigue. There will be two
    books produced from this Symposium, one containing the papers
    presented by the invited speakers and another that summarizes the
    oral and poster presentations and the subsequent discussions.

    Where? University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida, USA

    When? November 10-13, 1994

    Who? Organizers -- Simon Gandevia, Alan McComas, Douglas Stuart, Christine
    Thomas, and Roger Enoka. The local contact is Chris Thomas (cthomas@
    Invited Speakers: Australia -- D. Allen, S. Gandevia, V. Macefield,
    D. McKenzie, T. Miles, D. Stephenson; Bulgaria -- D. Popivanov;
    Canada -- F. Bellemare, J. Garland, T. Gordon, L. Jones, K. Killian,
    A. McComas, U. Windhorst; Denmark -- G. Sjogaard; France -- L. Jami;
    Germany -- R. Dengler, J. Elek; Norway -- O. Sejersted, N. Vollestad;
    Slovenia -- J. Trontelj; Sweden -- K. Edman, K. Hagbarth, E. Hultman,
    H. Westerblad; Switzerland -- P. Clamann, H. Hoppeler; The Netherlands --
    D. Kernell, A. Sargeant; UK -- R. Edwards, D. Jones, D. Newham; USA --
    L. Bertocci, B. Bigland-Ritchie, M. Binder, S. Binder-Macleod,
    B. Botterman, P. Clarkson, J. Dempsey, S. Donaldson, R. Enoka,
    J. Faulkner, R. Fitts, A. Fuglevand, M. Kaufman, M. Kushmerick,
    S. Lindstedt, R. Miller, J. Petajan, G. Sieck, C. Thomas, Z. Rymer.

    Registration: The registration fee is $100 (US) and the deadline is
    August 15, 1994. Pre- and postdoctoral trainees may apply for awards
    (registration and local expenses) if they plan to present a poster.

    Posters All participants are encouraged to bring posters of their most recent
    work and ides on the topic of muscle fatigue. The plan is to discuss
    posters in the formal program. The posters will be displayed in two
    sections: (1) single muscle fiber, neuromuscular, and segmental; (2)
    suprasegmental and pathophysiological. For those who wish to present a
    poster, an abstract must be submitted by August 15, 1994. The abstract
    format is the same as that for the Society for Neuroscience.