Dear Colleagues:

The Biomechanics Lab at the National Institutes of Health is considering
the purchase of a 3D digitizer for use in conjunction with our Vicon data
collection system. We currently own a Bird 3space digitizer (Ascension
Technologies). This unit is electromagnetic and sensitive to surrounding metal,
a problem because of our raised metal floor. We are looking for units that can
digitize at least a 2m envelope with an accuracy of around 1mm. We have looked
into the Immersion Personal Digitizer (Immersion Corp.), but this unit is
limited to a 17" x 17" x 17" volume (although they can build a custom model
at greater cost). We have also looked at the Metrecom (FARO technologies) but
are put off by the cost ($14,000).
Our question to the BIOMCH-L is, does anybody have experience with a 3D
digitizer that can met our requirements (not sensitive to metal, 2m envelope,
1mm accuracy, and cost considerably lower then $14,000). Please send any
response to

As is traditional, I will be happy to compile and post a summary of responses.


Tom Kepple