We are inviting academic editorial contributors to a new reference work on
the role of mathematics in everyday life to be published by Salem Press in
2011. This comprehensive encyclopedia will be marketed and sold to
high-school, college, public, and academic libraries and includes 3 volumes
of approximately 500 articles.

Mathematics is a fundamental part of society, yet many people may not be
aware of the interconnections between what they have learned in school and
their everyday lives. In its Curriculum Guide (MAA, 2004), the Mathematical
Association of America’s Committee on the Undergraduate Program in
Mathematics (CUPM) recommends that mathematics programs lead people “to
learn mathematics in a way that helps them to better understand its place
in society: its meaning, its history, and its uses.” In keeping with this
philosophy, the editors chose topics for inclusion based on one or more of
the following criteria: (1) the topic is currently timely and likely to
remain so; (2) the topic can be tied to mathematical concepts that people
likely have been exposed to; (3) the topic is related to concepts and
connections that professional mathematical organizations have suggested are
important; (4) the topic is one that the general public has expressed
interest in; (5) the topic is one we have successfully used or that we know
has been successfully used in other contexts.

We are now making article assignments with a deadline of June 1, 2010.

Each article ranges from 600 to 3500 words and is signed by the
contributor. The General Editors for the encyclopedia are Drs. Sarah
Greenwald and Jill Thomley, Appalachian State University, who will review
all the articles for editorial content and academic consistency.

If you are interested in contributing to the Encyclopedia of Mathematics
and Society, it can be a notable publication addition to your CV/resume and
broaden your publishing credits. Moreover, you can help ensure that
accurate information and important points of view are credibly presented to
students and library patrons. Compensation is an honorarium payment of $25
up to 1000 words; $35 from 1001 to 2500 words; and $45 above 2501 words.

The list of available articles, style guidelines, and sample article are
prepared and will be sent to you in response to your inquiry. Please then
select which unassigned articles may best suit your interests and

If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding reference
with the Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society, please contact me by the
e-mail information below. Please provide a brief summary of your background
in math and social topics. Thanks for your time and interest.

Joseph K. Golson
Author Manager