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    Nominations for the 2009 Skalak Best Paper Award For papers published in the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering in 2009 only

    The purpose of the Skalak Best Paper Award is to recognize a distinguished recent publication in the previous calendar year. Since this award is given for a recent publication, the focus is on perceived quality compared to all papers published in the Journal for that year only. Thus, it should not be sub-field specific nor based on conventional metrics such as the number of downloads. Following the procedures for the ASME Division Level awards, JBME will now receive open nominations for any paper published as follows:

    1. The primary metric will be the potential for impact of the paper in its respective field.

    2. Nominations will be allowed from all current BED members who have not been directly associated with research conducted in the nominated paper.

    3. Each Nomination packet will include the following information:

    a. Name and contact information of the Nominator and a copy of the paper that is being considered for the award.

    b. A statement that includes a synopsis of the work and three reasons why the paper should be considered for the Award. This is the key part of the application (this section should be 1-2 pages in length). Aspects to consider include:

    i. What is unique or unusual?

    ii. Potential to impact the field.

    iii. Completeness/thoroughness of the work.

    iv. How does the work compare with related papers recently published in the field, especially in JBME during the same year?

    c. Letters from at two other experts who are conversant with the field stating why the paper should be considered for the award. Note that these letters can be from non BED members. Letters should focus not only particular qualities but primarily on the potential for impact of the work.

    4. Once all applications are received, copies of all applications will be sent to the Editor and Associate Editors for review and ranking. The winner will be selected by number of votes.

    5. The winning paper will be highlighted in the Journal via an Editorial.

    6. Only complete applications will be considered.

    *** All applications are due APRIL 1, 2010 - FINAL DEADLINE ***

    Please send all application materials to the following address via hardcopy or email (PDF files preferred):

    Ms. Karen Connor

    Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 450 Technology Drive, Suite 300 Pittsburgh PA 15219


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    Michael S. Sacks, Ph.D.
    John A. Swanson Endowed Chair
    Departments of Bioengineering,CEE,and MEMS
    Swanson School of Engineering
    The McGowan Institute, School of Medicine
    University of Pittsburgh

    450 Technology Drive
    Suite 300 Pittsburgh PA 15219
    Tel/fax: 412-624-5303/5357

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