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Job Posting: Research Engineer

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  • Job Posting: Research Engineer

    Research Engineer
    Liberating Technologies, Inc., Holliston, MA

    Liberating Technologies, Inc. (LTI) has an immediate opening for a position
    that requires an individual with an understanding of both the biomechanics
    of human gait and prosthetic knee design. This individual will be
    responsible for performing a number of duties related to the development of
    a prosthetic knee joint that will be controlled with biological muscle
    signals (electromyography) in addition to force and position sensors. The
    ideal candidate would have at least 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in
    both amputee gait analysis (including EMG) as well as prosthetic knee

    Ideal Candidate Would Have Knowledge Of: biological (EMG) and portable
    kinematic/kinetic signal acquisition and processing, especially the analysis
    and interpretation of this data; prosthetic knee design.

    Other Areas of Expertise That Would Be Beneficial Include: the previously
    described gait analysis knowledge specifically applied to amputee
    populations; preparation of human subject test protocols for Institutional
    Review Board approval, literature searches and reviews, analog/digital
    signal acquisition and processing; and graphical user interface development.
    Any electronics knowledge, specifically including: DSP/PIC/microcontroller
    technology and programming; wireless technology development; CAN bus
    architecture development; and motor drive and control would also be

    Beneficial Software Skills: Matlab, Labview, Windows XP, Vista and 7,
    Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), C/C++, Visual Basic, Solidworks,
    CNC machining programming

    In addition, any candidate must have excellent written and verbal
    communication skills.

    Tasks will include:

    Focusing on the analysis and interpretation of both biological as well as
    kinetic and kinematic data as subjects with amputation perform a number of
    different activities to design, develop and implement control algorithms
    that will be applied to the control of lower-limb prosthetic devices.

    Development and implementation of biological signal post-processing
    algorithms to eliminate unwanted noise components (e.g., motion artifact)
    and create robust inputs for the controller.

    System integration of the various analog and digital
    sensors/controllers/actuators to develop full leg system prototypes and
    conduct product evaluation trials.

    Liberating Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of
    prosthetic devices for adults and children. The company specializes in
    high-technology solutions to prosthetic systems with a focus toward powered
    upper-limb prosthetics. LTI has been in business for nine years and in late
    2008 began a multi-year project that utilizes our expertise in
    microprocessor-based prosthetic controllers and myoelectric signal
    acquisition and processing to develop lower-limb prostheses that use
    biological inputs from the user.

    Job application review is ongoing and will continue until the position is
    filled. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Interested applicants
    should send a CV and cover letter to: Dr. Todd Farrell, Senior Research

    In addition, applicants should be prepared to quickly supply letters of
    reference upon request.