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Biomechanics of Baby-shaking

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  • Biomechanics of Baby-shaking

    I have a "baby-shaking" case. The prosecution is
    going to say that the baby was in my client's care when the baby stopped
    breathing (true). At the hospital, the red blood cell count was decreasing,
    showing that the system had not yet stabilized, showing,
    in turn, that the injury was "recent." An expert witness is going
    to say that brain swelling was continuing when the baby was examined in the
    hospital. The baby had no external injuries.

    The prosecution is going to use these facts and testimony to conclude
    that the baby was shaken by my client. I have strong reasons to
    believe that the baby was NOT shaken by my client.

    I want to understand the biomechanics and physiology of intracranial
    Some important questions relate to the time course
    of the symptoms of brain damage.
    Other important questions relate to the effects of various kinds
    of mechanical insult. What is the danger threshold of acceleration
    of the head? What physical events produce dangerous levels
    of head acceleration?

    My client, myself, and my colleagues will appreciate information, data,
    and leads.

    I will post a synopsis of all helpful replies.


    Derek Hendry
    dhendry@aol (510) 654-5538