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Database for Gait Analysis Laboratory?

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  • Database for Gait Analysis Laboratory?

    Dear Biomech-L subscribers!

    Our gait laboratory takes care of hundreds of children with cerebral palsy.We need to store clinical data, kinematics, kinetics, and dynamic EMG. The focus of the laboratory is everyday clinical praxis as well as research projects. Most of the systems I know are not suitable for working with groups of patients and statistical outcomes, because they are only storing data in separate files using a tree-like folder structure. We are looking for a complex solution, a database software which would store, organize, search and display our data, would be able to calculate different time-based parameters (e.g. maximal knee extension in single limb support) and would allow us to work with user-defined groups of patients, graphicallly compare patients and patients' groups to healthy individuals or between each other, and would export our data for statistical analysis. We are working with a Vicon system, therefore import of C3D and GCD files is required and import of EMG data (Noraxon) !
    would be an advantage. The database software should be open for future implementation of additional data (eg. simulation of muscles' lengths and velocities).

    I would be grateful for your help, experiences and comments.

    Best wishes

    Martin Svehlik
    GaitLab, Paediatric Orthopaedics,
    Medical University of Graz, Austria