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AnyBody webcast: Workplace Ergonomics - Stilt walking

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  • AnyBody webcast: Workplace Ergonomics - Stilt walking

    Dear Subscribers,

    John Z. Wu from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (USA) will be giving a webcast presentation on Wednesday April 7th on the subject of;

    "Workplace Ergonomics - Stilt Walking"

    Stilts are commonly used at construction sites to raise the workers to a higher level above ground to increase the efficiency for many tasks. Some epidemiological studies indicate that the use of stilts may place workers at increased risk for knee injuries or may increase the likelihood of trips and falls. However, no biomechanical analysis has been performed to examine the effects of the stilts walking on the musculoskeletal loading.

    The study presented in this webcast hypothesizes that the use of stilts in walking will increase the musculoskeletal loadings in the lower limbs. This is investigated in the AnyBody Modeling SystemT.

    Notice that to accommodate viewers from different sides of the planet we are running the presentation twice with 12 hours interval;

    1st show: Wednesday, April 7th - Washington D.C (7 AM), Rio de Janeiro (8 AM), London (12 PM), Paris (1 PM), Moscow (3 PM), New Delhi (4:30 PM), Bangkok (6 PM), Beijing (7 PM), Tokyo (8 PM), Sydney (9 PM), Auckland (11 PM)

    2nd show: Wednesday, April 7th - San Francisco (4 PM), Edmonton (5 PM), Minneapolis (6 PM), New York (7 PM), Buenos Aires (8 PM), Sydney (9 AM, Thursday), Auckland (11 AM, Thursday)

    The duration of the webcast is approximately one hour including Q&A. The event is publicly available, but it is necessary to sign up to participate. Please sign up here

    Best Regards,
    Casper Gerner Mikkelsen
    Business Manager
    AnyBody Technology A/S
    Niels Jernes Vej 10
    DK-9220 Aalborg East
    Phone: +45 96 35 42 86
    Fax: +45 96 35 45 99