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    Dear Biomech-L subscribers!

    Here are the replies for my query on Database for Gait Analysis Laboratory. Thanks everyone for your help!

    Original message:

    Our gait laboratory takes care of hundreds of children with cerebral palsy.We need to store clinical data, kinematics, kinetics, and dynamic EMG. The focus of the laboratory is everyday clinical praxis as well as research projects. Most of the systems I know are not suitable for working with groups of patients and statistical outcomes, because they are only storing data in separate files using a tree-like folder structure. We are looking for a complex solution, a database software which would store, organize, search and display our data, would be able to calculate different time-based parameters (e.g. maximal knee extension in single limb support) and would allow us to work with user-defined groups of patients, graphicallly compare patients and patients' groups to healthy individuals or between each other, and would export our data for statistical analysis. We are working with a Vicon system, therefore import of C3D and GCD files is required and import of EMG data (Noraxon) would be an advantage. The database software should be open for future implementation of additional data (eg. simulation of muscles' lengths and velocities).

    I would be grateful for your help, experiences and comments.

    Best wishes

    Martin Svehlik
    GaitLab, Paediatric Orthopaedics,
    Medical University of Graz, Austria


    Grusse Gott Martin,

    I think the database in Heidelberg is what you are looking for. It
    does what you want and more. Contact Sebastian Wolf there!


    Dr. Chris Kirtley MB ChB, PhD
    New Product Development Manager
    Sole Health Care Products Pty Ltd
    3002 Jiefang Lu, Shenzhen, China

    Hello Martin,
    Have you looked into Visual 3-D Software (C-Motion, Inc.)?ÿ It is a very powerful and flexible software that allows you to design your own gait model and has some features that automatically identify events in the gait cycle and then calculate gait parameters.ÿ I believe that the software allows you to establish a normative database, although I have not used this feature.ÿ You should contact Scott Selbie to determine if the program meets your needs (ÿ Please refrain from posting Scott's email - I'm not sure if he would want his contact information on a listserv response.
    All the best,
    Sara Gombatto
    Nazareth College of Rochester, NY

    I believe that Visual3D pro ( can interface with MS Access and other database programs to do everything you require.

    Brian Schulz, Ph.D.
    Biomechanics Researcher
    HSR&D/RR&D Center of Excellence, Maximizing Rehabilitation Outcomes
    James A. Haley Veterans' Medical Center
    8900 Grand Oak Circle, Room 149

    Hello, Martin. I am unaware of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product that is designed to fulfill your data management needs. The only database solutions that I am aware of have been homegrown. For example,ÿ you might want to read the following paper:

    It is apparent that data management for motion capture data is an area that has not been fully explored. If you are intent on finding a commercial database to use you may want to extend your search into products designed for other disciplines that commonly work with huge data sets (biology, chemistry, medicine, etc). I'm not sure if you will find anything relevant, but it's worth a shot. If all else fails, you may have to do what I have been doing and create your own system from scratch. I am in the process of migrating motion capture, emg, and clinical data from hundreds of spreadsheets into a relational database.

    Good luck!