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Post-doc position at University of Liège(Belgium) - Human Motion Analysis Laboratory

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  • Post-doc position at University of Liège(Belgium) - Human Motion Analysis Laboratory

    In the context of the creation of a Human Motion Analysis Laboratory at the
    University of Liège (Belgium), we look for a post-doctoral researcher with
    an excellent scientific profile and a significant experience in motion
    analysis systems. The contract may start between September 1, 2010 and
    December 31, 2010, with a duration of one or two years.

    The main objective is to start a research project exploiting our new motion
    analysis equipment, which is based on an active marker technology and which
    also includes a force plate measurement system. The candidate will develop
    his activities in close collaboration with the Faculty of Applied Sciences
    and the Faculty of Medecine.

    Even though the equipment shall be devoted in priority to sport activities,
    the particular research topic is quite open and may be adapted depending on
    the profile and interest of the applicant. For instance, a possible research
    project may focus on shoulder motion, including the following aspects:
    - analysis of shoulder motion in sport activities,
    - biomechanical modelling of the shoulder using a flexible multibody
    dynamics approach,
    - analysis of human-object interactions, e.g. between the shoulder and a

    Besides, the candidate will be involved in the coordination of other
    projects related to motion analysis techniques, e.g. he will provide some
    support to PhD students working in this field at ULg.

    Contacts for further information:
    - Prof. Olivier Brüls, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Departement of Aerospace
    and Mechanical Engineering,,
    - Prof. Serge Cescotto, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department ArGEnCo,,
    - Prof. Jean-Louis Croisier, Faculty of Medecine, Département des Sciences
    de la Motricité,,
    - Prof. Vincent Denoël, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department ArGEnCo,