Dear all,

In collaboration with the French society of rehabilitation medicine
(SOFMER), we plan to organize an international scientific congress in
Aix-les-Bains* (France) from March 22th (Tuesday) to 26th (Saturday) in
2011. This congress, entitled "Scientific Testing of Orthotic Devices",
would be aimed to gather scientists, manufacturers and prescribers.

For further information, you are invited to visit the website of the
congress at

This congress will be composed of conferences, brief oral communications,
poster presentations and round tables about clinical evaluation of specific
medical devices (as corsets, lumbar belts, orthotic insoles, and ankle,
ankle-foot or knee orthosis).

The deadline for the abstract submission (to be published in the Am J
Phys Med Rehabil)
is July 31st, 2010.

Six scientists, each of them recognized as a leader in their own field have
accepted to participate to this congress and to present up-to-date lectures
on specific medical devices:

P Thoumie (P & M Curie University, Paris) will introduce the
S Yamamoto (International University of Health and Welfare, Tokyo, Japan)
for ankle-foot orthoses
J Hertel (University of Virginia, USA) for ankle orthoses
T Birmingham (University of Western Ontario, Canada) for knee orthoses
J Cholewicki, (Michigan State University, USA) for the lumbar belts
D Chow (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China) for corsets

Yours faithfully,

Pr Patrice Rougier, chief of the organizing comitee,

* At the heart of the Savoie Olympic region, Aix-les-Bains is situated on
the edge of the Le Bourget lake, the largest natural lake in France.
Aix-les-Bains can be easily reached by high speed train (3 h from Paris) or
by plane (1 h from Lyon and Geneva airports).