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B200 Isostation documentation and peripherals

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  • B200 Isostation documentation and peripherals


    Dear Colleagues,


    We recently purchased a used B200 Isostation lumbar dynamomenter (by Isotechnologies).  The unit came without any manuals, software, or cabling.  We were initially going to use it only as a frame for the isometric exertions about a single axis, while keeping the other two axes unlocked.  However, the unit appears to be in excellent shape and might still be in working order.  Since the company ceased to exist circa 15 years ago, we cannot obtain the necessary peripherals.  If any of you still have this machine in your lab, we would very much appreciate receiving a copy of the manuals and/or the software.  If your machine is no longer used, the cabling and any peripherals would be very helpful.  We are happy to pay any costs associated with mailing and shipping. 

    Thank you very much.

    Jacek Cholewicki
    Jacek Cholewicki, Ph.D.
    Walter F. Patenge Professor and
    Ingham Foundation Research Fellow
    Dept. of Surgical Specialties
    College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Michigan State University

    MSU Center for Orthopedic Research
    Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital
    2727 S. Pennsylvania Avenue,
    Lansing, MI 48910

    Tel. 517-975-3302
    Fax  517-975-3305