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strain gage conditioners and amplifiers

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  • strain gage conditioners and amplifiers

    In our lab we currently use the Vishay Strain Gage Conditioner and
    Amplifier (2100) System. Although this system has proven quite
    useful and dependable, it is bulky (by today's standards) and does
    not allow for the easy addition of filters.

    Does anyone have recent experience assembling a conditioner/
    amplifier system for use with strain gages and/or accelerometers?
    Does the Vishay Measurements Group still produce the gold standard in
    this type of instrumentation? What are the costs involved?

    On a related note, members of our lab have heard of a company that
    sells inexpensive, used electronic components (amplifiers, etc.).
    Does anyone know of such a company?

    Thank you for your help.

    Chris Fritton
    Musculo-Skeletal Research Laboratory phone: (516) 444-2215
    Dept. of Orthopaedics T18-030 fax: (516) 444-7671
    S.U.N.Y. @ Stony Brook
    Stony Brook, NY 11794