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Copying data between c3dfiles with C3Dserver in Matlab

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  • Copying data between c3dfiles with C3Dserver in Matlab

    Dear Biomechanists,

    We have collected kinematic data, and after tracking the markers we added events in Visual3D software. We however wish to re-track the marker data, without loosing the events. My proposed strategy is to copy the events into the untracked C3D file using the c3dserver in Matlab.

    I have tried to copy the parameter in which the events are stored (including values) from the tracked c3d file into the untracked c3d file using the C3Dserver in Matlab, but fail to do so. Apparently, it seems to have something to do with setting the dimensions of the parameter in the function AddParameter, but I fail to get it right using the available documentation.

    I would very much appreciate it if you think you know how to fix this and could spare a moment to help fix this problem.

    Kind regards and many thanks in advance,

    Jos Vanrenterghem, PhD
    Lecturer in Biomechanics of Postural Control
    School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
    Liverpool John Moores University
    t: +44(0)151904 6259 (NEW from 2010)