The Motor Control Laboratory of Arizona State University (head Prof. G.E.
Stelmach), is looking for an entry level

Research Associate (PHD or Masters)

with affinity for motor control studies, and, in particular, conducting
handwriting experiments in elderly and Parkinson's patients. Handwriting
data will be collected and analysed using an available PC-based automatized
system and a digitizer.

Please, send a curriculum vita and three letters of recommendation.
Interested persons are invited to contact:

Professor George E. Stelmach or Dr. Hans-Leo Teulings
Exercise Science & Physical Education
Arizona State University
Box 870404
Tempe, AZ 85287-0404, USA
Tel: +1 (602) 965 9081 or 965 3913
Fax: +1 (602) 965 8108
E-mail: or