I am starting a major research project for a department of a large city
concerning RATS.

I am most interested in leads for information on the Norway Rat, its
History, Control, Habits, Etc. The Whole Story! Other kinds, Roof Rats
and such, are also of interest to me and I want to find out all I can about
ALL wild rats, their evolution, ecology, ranges, distributions, populations,
etc. The Whole Story!

Secondly, I am interested in Lab Rats, Genetics, Care and Feeding, Uses,
Results of Research, Etc. The Whole Story!

Thirdly, I am interested in the Rat as Pet. I know White Rats have been
kept as pets for years and I am interested in hearing from people who have
them and what they are like, what they do, how they breed, etc. The
Whole Story!

I know I am asking a lot but this is a big project and I need ALL the help I
can get.

Please reply directly to: tfaulkner@delphi.com

My sincere thanks and deep appreciation well ahead of time. Regular
correspondents most welcome.

Tim Faulkner