St Mary's Conference Centre, Sheffield
3rd February 2011

Foot pressure measurement systems are used within a number of clinical applications.  There are a range of commercially available products in use, together with various in-house developed systems.  However, outcome measures and the role of quality assurance in ensuring reliability and repeatability of data collection both within individual services and between sites are not widely reported.  The primary aim of the meeting will be to examine current protocols and generate discussion regarding the potential for both clinical and technological development of foot pressure measurement systems. 

This event will provide an opportunity for engineers, researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and present new results.  The aim is to encourage dialogue between professionals from different clinical backgrounds in this area of research and practise.

Abstract submissions are invited from interested professionals in healthcare, industry and academia.  Presentations in all relevant areas and disciplines are welcome including technical issues, new developments, clinical protocols and innovative studies.

Please submit one-page abstracts (electronic versions preferred) by 8 October 2010 to:
Mr Colin Davenport
Medical Physics Department, I Floor
Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Glossop Road
S10 2JF

Tel: 0114 226 1322

Deadline: 8 OCTOBER 2010