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FW: Darren Stefanyshyn,Associate Editor of Footwear Science - Winner of ASB's Jim HayMemorial Award 2010

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  • FW: Darren Stefanyshyn,Associate Editor of Footwear Science - Winner of ASB's Jim HayMemorial Award 2010

    Taylor & Francis would like to congratulate Darren Stefanyshyn of the
    University of Calgary, Canada and Co-Associate Editor of Footwear
    Science ( on winning the prestigious Jim
    Hay Memorial Award from the American Society of Biomechanics.

    This award is specified for a scientist who has carried out outstanding
    research in sports biomechanics and includes a cheque for $1,000. The
    award was established in 2004 and is named after Jim Hay, a leading
    sports biomechanist, to whom Taylor & Francis published a tribute to in
    Journal of Sports Sciences (Vol 20, Issue 12, December 2002, p1009),
    written by Professor Bruce Elliott of University of Western Australia.

    The latest newsletter of the American Society of Biomechanics included
    passages in his nomination letter: "Dr. Stefanyshyn's contributions to
    the biomechanics community have been virtually exclusively in the area
    of sports biomechanics, specifically work related to improving
    performance through optimizing shoe design in track sprinters, golf club
    design for average and world class golf players, hockey sticks for
    improving the accuracy and speed of slap shots, and a variety of
    research related to the aerodynamic design and musculoskeletal support
    of sportswear in athletes ranging from downhill skiers to speed skaters
    and runners. Aside from an extensive list of high caliber publica-tions
    in the area of sports biomechanics and an impressive list of invited and
    keynote lectures at national and international scientific conferences,
    Dr. Stefanyshyn has also contributed to national and international
    govern-ing bodies of biomechanics in general and sport biomechanics
    specifically. Dr. Stefanyshyn has an outstanding record of scientific
    work in the area of sports biomechanics, he has served the biomechanics
    communities nation-ally and internationally and has been an excellent
    advocate for sport and exercise science around the world."(American
    Society of Biomechanics, Vol 12, No. 1, June 2010, edited by Michelle

    Upon receiving the award, Professor Stefanyshyn would like to thank the
    American Society of Biomechanics, his nominators and his past and
    present students and associates for their contributions to this award,
    saying that he is honoured and is very grateful to the acknowledgement
    of his peers for recognising him for this award.

    For further information about the journal, Footwear Science, please
    visit where we have just published a
    special issue on football footwear in time for the World Cup with the
    editorial and top paper available for free download.

    Alison Oliver

    Managing Editor, Engineering, Computer Science and Technology Journals

    Taylor & Francis

    4 Park Square

    Milton Park



    OX14 4RN



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