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Re: Truncal Shift and Trendenlenburg's Gait

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  • Re: Truncal Shift and Trendenlenburg's Gait

    Hello all !

    I'm hoping to gain some feedback and opinions regarding truncal shift and Trendenlenburg's Gait. I'm currently an orthopaedic registrar in sydney and there has been some debate in our department regarding definitions of truncal shift with respect to trendenlenburg's gait.

    Essentially the question revolves around whether truncal shift can occur without any pathology to the abductors. Many authors have referred to the two terms as synonymous and interchangeable in medical nomenclature.

    We were hoping to hear from people who have knowledge in gait analysis and also to see if there are any papers/research (gait analysis) out there specifically looking to see if truncal shift can occur without any impairment in abductor function.

    Any clarifications on definitions and usage of these terms in the biomechanical world would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time and I will only be too happy to post the reposonses



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