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PhD Studentship in Bioengineering/Nanotechnology - University ofGenova, Italy

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  • PhD Studentship in Bioengineering/Nanotechnology - University ofGenova, Italy

    Applications are invited for this PhD vacancy:

    PhD Studentship in Bioengineering/Nanotechnology
    NBT laboratory, Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering,
    University of Genova, Italy: job description

    Tutor: Prof. Roberto Raiteri & Dr. Riccardo Gottardi
    N. of available positions: 1

    PhD research studentships will start January the 1st, 2010. The duration of
    the grant is three years and successful candidates will be enrolled in the
    PhD programme in Bioengineering/Nanotechnology of the University of Genova
    The research activities will take place mainly within the NBT Group
    (Neuroengineering and Bio-Nanotechnology Group) as part of an ample
    multidisciplinary EU project on composite phenotypic triggers for bone and
    cartilage repair. Brief research periods at project partners research
    laboratories may be required.
    The main research focus will be on the development and application of Atomic
    Force Microscopy (AFM) based methods for micro- and nano-mechanical
    characterization of native and engineered tissues and the assessment of
    neotissue integration, as well as on relating micro- and nanomechanical
    response to tissue composition and structure.
    Examples of the group activities in the field can be found in "Early
    detection of aging cartilage and osteoarthritis in mice and patient samples
    using atomic force microscopy." M.Stolz et al. Nature Nanotechnology Vol.4,
    186-192 (2009) and in "Use of hydrodynamic forces to engineer cartilaginous
    tissues resembling the non-uniform structure and function of meniscus."
    A.Marsano et al. Biomaterials. 27: 5927-5934 (2006).

    Studentships will be awarded by open competition.
    Requirements: Candidates should possess a Master Degree/University Diploma
    in Physics, Engineering, Biology or related fields. Attitude towards
    experimental work and instrument/software development is essential. Previous
    experience with AFM operation is a plus.

    Application deadline: Thursday, September 23, 2010
    Request concerning details about the research activity and application
    procedure are welcomed and may be addressed to: Prof. Roberto Raiteri
    (, or Dr. Riccardo Gottardi (

    __________________________________________________ ___________
    Riccardo Gottardi, Ph.D.
    Neuroengineering and Bio-Nano Technology Group - NBT
    Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering - DIBE
    Via Opera Pia 11A, 16145, GENOA, ITALY
    Phone: +39-010-3532048
    Fax: +39-010-3532764