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PhD Positions ­ Human Physiology in Milan

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  • PhD Positions ­ Human Physiology in Milan

    Applications are invited for PhD positions at the University of Milan,
    Department of Human Physiology. Deadline October 14th 2010.

    recruiting the next cohort of Research Postgraduate (PhD) students.

    The aim of the School is to encourage studies to generate integrated
    analyses of the morphological and physiological, qualitative and
    quantitative aspects of biological structures at all levels of structural
    organisation, from the cell to the tissue and the organ, right up to the
    human organism as a whole. The convergence of the morphological and the
    physiological approach is of particular significance in the field of studies
    of motor control, of the nervous system, of physical and sports activities
    and of the relations between structure and function in cellular membranes,
    where there are extensive areas of synthesis and integration between anatomy
    and physiology, of crucial interest to those who want to undertake more
    advanced research.
    The research activities conducted by the postgraduate students will focus on
    the following areas: the cell and the extracellular matrix; the systems that
    transport ions and organic substances through the epithelia; the ionic
    channels responsible for phenomena of membrane excitability; the nervous
    system; the locomotive apparatus, movement and motor control; muscular
    bioenergetics; respiratory mechanics and ventilation control; exchanges of
    liquids and solutes through the mesothelium and connecting tissue; the
    stomatognathic apparatus; morphometrics and image analysis of biological
    structures in various body hierarchies; physical activities and sport, in
    particular aspects relative to the energy metabolism and hormone regulation,
    doping and methodological aspects of sports training.

    PhD Course in Physiology; Area: Biological Sciences; Sub-Area: Human (organ
    and integrative) physiology; Academic-disciplinary sector: BIO/09
    Duration: 3 years
    Posts: 12 total; Fully Funded Scholarships: 5 from Milan University, 1 from
    funds made available by the 2009 Youth Project, reserved for research
    targeting the field of national investigation priority of ³New applications
    of the biomedical industry²
    Location: Department of Human Physiology, via Mangiagalli N° 32, 20133
    Milano, Italy
    All classes of Masters degrees
    Details on the PhD Course, salary, admission criteria and how to apply can
    be found at: (in
    Italian) or (in English)

    Selection Process Timetable
    Deadline for applications: October 14th 2010.
    Results available from November 9th 2010 on the University website at:
    Written examination: 15 November 2010 at 9.00 a.m
    Oral examination: 15 November 2010 at 3.00 p.m. at the Department of Human
    Physiology, via Mangiagalli N° 32, 20133 Milano.
    The examinations shall be conducted in Italian or English, at the applicant

    For applicants with an interest in biomechanics and exercise
    physiology-based projects, please contact Prof Alberto E. Minetti -
    ( and visit
    for information regarding the
    Physio-Mechanics Laboratory. For general information about the PhD Course,
    please contact Prof Paolo Cavallari ­ PhD Course Coordinator
    Alberto E. Minetti, MD
    Mobile/Cell: +39 347 3657357

    Thank you for advertising this.
    Best regards

    Alberto Minetti

    Alberto E. Minetti MD
    Professor of Physiology
    Department of Human Physiology
    Faculty of Medicine - University of Milan
    Via Mangiagalli 32, 20133 - Milano, Italy
    Voice (+39)-02-50315427/1  fax  (+39)-02-50315430
    Mobile (+39)-347-3657357