POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP 2011 - Cardiac and Cardiovasvular Biomechanics

The University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Health Sciences invites
applications for Postdoctoral Research Fellowships.

Preference will be given to recently qualified researchers with a PhD degree
and who are not yet in established posts. Applicants should not be
registered for study towards any degree at the time of assuming the
fellowship. Preference will also be given to applicants whose research
interests and facility requirements coincide with those already existing in
the Faculty. Strong emphasis will be placed on the merit of the applicant
and the quality of the research proposal. The date on which the successful
candidate will be expected to take up duties is flexible and can be arranged
to suit the candidate and the host.

Applications will be considered only from PhD students who have already
submitted their theses for examination by the 30th November 2010.

Applicants need to contact Dr Tom Franz (email:, tel:
+ 27 21 406 6418) to discuss the research program and obtain by a letter of
support from the host. See website for details about our research in
cardiovascular biomechanics:

The Fellowship is initially tenable for twelve months and may be extended
for a further period or periods up to a total of 2 years, at the discretion
of the Faculty Research Committee. The value of the fellowship is ZAR175,000
per annum. The buying power of the Rand within South Africa is somewhat
better than might be expected from the current exchange rates. There are no
fringe benefits so that the successful candidate is responsible for his or
her own medical aid and insurance arrangements. Tax-free status will be
arranged with the South African Revenue Services.

Enquiries should be addressed to Dr Tom Franz at email:, tel: + 27 21 406 6418, fax: + 27 21 448 5935. The
application form can be downloaded at:

Completed applications should be sent to Nikki O’Connor at e-mail or to the: Faculty Research Office, Faculty of
Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, Anzio Road, Observatory 7925,
South Africa, before 31st October 2010. Decisions will be made by 30th
November 2010.