Job title

Robotics Engineer


Steadman Philippon Research Institute (

Vail, CO, USA


Orthopaedic Research

Job Type

Full Time Salaried Employee

Job Start Date


Educational Level

Bachelor's or Graduate Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics or related field.


Commensurate with educational background and previous work related experience; vacation, health, and dental benefits included.

About the Job

The Steadman Philippon Research Institute Biomechanics Research Department is working with KUKA Robotics, a Detroit-based company that established a medical research focus in addition to their already recognized automotive division. We are seeking an experienced robotics engineer with a background of design and programming for a six degree-of-freedom robot. The position will focus on creating and developing software to run a force-torque controlled robot to perform biomechanical testing of human cadaveric joints (knees, hips, shoulders, and ankles) in a laboratory environment. Using this technology, the Department will be on the sports medicine research industry's leading edge of joint testing to enhance and validate joint reconstruction techniques.


- Implement software to control a KUKA KR60-3 for Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Research, both in force-torque and position control modes.

- Use excellent communication skills to develop and write various elements of protocols.

- Organize and track research data collection.

- Perform preliminary data analysis on experiments.

- Assist other team members as necessary with research projects.


- Experience in controlling 6 DOF robots.

- Strong competency in MatLab and XML, and C/C++

- Able to work as a team member in a very active research group.

- Proficient in writing skills to include manuscript preparation.

- This position is not restricted to individuals with US citizenship, permanent residence or work permits. However, no visa sponsorship will be provided and individuals must provide evidence of valid USA VISA status at the time of application.

Applications Process

To apply, applicants must submit the following to and A curriculum vitae or resume with a list of your educational experience, related work experience, laboratory work experience, computer skill assessment, and a list of relevant college or graduate level courses related to biomechanics and the medical field.