Dear All,

I am looking for the following papers (book chapters):

Zatsiorsky, V. and Seluyanov, V., 1983.
The mass and inertia characteristics of the main segments of the human
body. In: Matsui, H. and Kobayashi, K., Editors, 1983. Biomechanics VIII-B, Human Kinetic, Illinois, pp. 1152–1159.

V.M., Seluyanov, V.N. and Chugunova, L.G., 1990. Methods of determining
mass-inertial characteristics of human body segments. In: Chernyi, G.G.
and Regirer, S.A., Editors, 1990. Contemporary Problems of Biomechanics, CRC Press, Massachusetts, pp. 272–291.
I will be very thankful if any one can send me a copy of them.

Many thanks
Fariba Bahrami
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fariba Bahrami Assistant Professor CIPCE, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Tehran Tehran, Iran