Hands-on Tutorial: An Introduction to the OpenSim API

November 16, 2010 co-located with SIMPAR 2010 conference in Darmstadt,
OpenSim ( is a freely available software
package that enables modeling and simulation of human and animal movement,
which aims to provide researchers a with simulation platform for
neuromuscular systems and rigid-body dynamics. This tutorial session will be
an introduction to both the OpenSim GUI and the early stages of the API.
Plus we will provide a few "hands-on" examples. This will be an opportunity
to learn more about how OpenSim works and how it can be used to answer
biomechanical research questions.

A limited number of participants will be allowed to attend the tutorial. The
registration page is:

Registered participants will need to bring their own laptop for the workshop
and will receive further instructions on what software to install on their

Samuel Hamner, Stanford University
Massimo Sartori, University of Padova
Samuel Hamner
Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab
Clark Center, Stanford University
318 Campus Dr West, Rm S322
Stanford, CA 94305