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First, I'd like to apologize for the delay in posting this summary. Next, I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to reply - it was greatly appreciated.

My original query was, "We have been collecting data and running models through Vicon Nexus. We have been doing some signal processing/anlaysis by creating a c3d file in Nexus, and then opening that file in Datapac 2K2. Recently, for some inexplicable reason, Datapac is not reading c3d files on recently collected data (data from this time last year is still read without difficulty). We've contacted Vicon, and they have stated that there has been no change to the way they write c3d files. Run Technologies went out of business, so we can't contact them. We appear to be stuck. Has anyone had similar difficulties? And if so, have you found a solution? It appears as though we may need to find a new software solution to perform signal processing on a c3d file. Does anyone have any recommendations? We work with students who are primarily undergrad/inexperienced grad students."

Nobody seems to have directly experienced this problem, although several have mentioned that there may have been minor changes in the way in which the c3d is being written and possibly try converting it to an older format. I have been offered personal assistance by a few people (Edmund Cramp, Daniel Lieb, Oliver Rettig, Lasse Roren, Derek Potter) and will definitely be taking them up on the offer. The assistance is greatly appreciated.

In terms of alternate software, the most common replies were:

Visual 3D by C-Motion

Anybody Modeling System by Anybody Technology

EMG Analysis Software by Motion Lab Systems




The Motion Monitor by Innovative Sports Training, Inc.

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