Our 10 yr old NewTest Powertimer unit has up and died on us, and we are
looking for
a suitable replacement. the Powertimer system had a timing mat coupled
with photo
cell timing switches to enable a number of physical performance tests.
We may
consider the new Powertimer systems, but for a number of reasons would
like to
see what else is currently available. We'd like to know what you folks
use and your
experiences with the devices listed below as well an any others.

Essentially, this is what we are looking for:

1. Jump timing, jump height, and jump qualities (contact times, power in
repeated tests, etc.)
2. Prepackaged testing, such at reaction time, power, jump height,
agility, etc.
3. Ease of use, easy to set up and take down.

I've done a quick internet search and have come up with the following
1. Chronojump. But it is difficult to figure this system out based on
what is on the internet.
2. JustJump mat. Probably not enough capabilities for our purposes.
3. OptoJump Next. Never heard of this system before. Uses timing light
signal technology.

Any insights? Will compile data and submit a summary.

Jeffrey C. Ives, Ph.D.
Professor and Graduate Program Chair
Dept. Exercise& Sport Sciences
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

Phone: 607.274.1751