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Brazil-Germany symposium on sports biomechanics - live online Oct25

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  • Brazil-Germany symposium on sports biomechanics - live online Oct25

    This announcement was submitted to the Biomch-L moderators. Please note the
    event and live broadcast is tomorrow (Monday).


    Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator


    This year our Faculty is celebrating its 70th Anniversary, and Brazil is
    celebrating the "German Year in Brazil". During these 70 years of existence
    Germany had an important role in the development of Sports Biomechanics in
    Brazilian universities, and specially in our faculty. We have recently
    strengthened these bounds between our countries through research projects in
    collaboration with Profs. Adamantios Arampatzis (Berlin University) and Kiros
    Karamanidis (Sports University of Cologne).

    During the activities of this celebration we decided to organize a small
    Symposium in Sports Biomechanics inviting these two German professors and a
    couple more Brazilian Professors (Prof. Hans Joachin Menzel from the Federal
    University of Minas Gerais, and Prof. Aluisio Avila from Santa Catarina State
    University) who work in the field. This Symposium will take place this coming
    Monday, October 25th (morning and afternoon, starting at 9:00 am Brazilian

    Due to our faculty space constrains, we decided to organize just a local
    symposium for our faculty members and students (about 100 people between
    students and faculty members). Our online registration started this Monday
    and for our surprise in a couple days we had more than 100 people registered.
    In addition, other colleagues from Brazilian universities were aware of our
    symposium and asked about the possibility of an online transmission through
    the internet so that other students and professors from Brazilian universities
    could benefit from our initiative.

    Therefore, we decided to take a step further and organized a Twitter site for
    our Biomechanics and Kinesiology Research Group (GPBiC - where we will make available the on line live
    broadcast of our symposium. Accessing this website on Monday morning anybody
    in the world will be able to watch our Symposium.

    The opening and the closing talks will be given in English by our German
    speakers, whereas the early afternoon talk will be given in Portuguese by the
    Brazilian speakers (for those that would like to learn a new language). I
    also asked all speakers to have their slides in English to facilitate both our
    German Speakers and people around the world to understand the presentations.

    Monday morning, just prior to the beginning of the symposium, we will give
    access to the online live broadcast. People that want to watch it need to
    have an internet connection and speakers or headphones.

    We would like to invite biomechanists around the world to join us in the First
    Latin American live broadcast in Sports Biomechanics.

    All the best,


    Some additional information:
    1) Brazilian summer time is GMT -2:00
    2) Some minutes before the beggining of the symposium, a URL of the live
    broadcast will be avaiable at GPBiC page on twitter
    3) Program here

    Marco Aurélio Vaz, PhD
    Associate Professor
    School of Physical Education
    Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
    Rua Felizardo, 750
    Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil - 90690-200
    Phone: 55-51-33085860
    Fax: 55-51-33085858