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Lighting requirements for high speed video

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  • Lighting requirements for high speed video

    Dear Biomch-l members,

    We are about to sign contracts for the construction of an Aquatics
    Laboratory at the University of Ballarat and I have been asked to
    justify my design brief in regards to the amount of artificial light
    requested for high speed video.

    I seek (urgently) any practical example of an existing lab or pool with sufficient lighting, or your
    opinion that the amount I have requested is neccessary.

    The indoor pool is an 8 lane by 25m with viewing windows at one side and one end which
    extend below and above water. The water at this end of the pool is
    2.0m deep and basically white tiles will be used. Filming will be
    restricted to this deep half of the pool. We currently use Panasonic
    MS4 video cameras and I consider a shutter speed of one thousandth of
    a second necessary to freeze the action.

    I have specified a level of 1800 lux falling on the swimmers over the
    filming area. This was established experimentally with our camera and
    a lux meter and via a computer simulation used by local lighting
    engineers. Still they wish for expert ( definition: >100km from
    here!) opinion or an example building to cite. The issue is important
    ot me because I cannot take my portable studio lights into this area
    (safety, corrosion, too low direction).

    Please forward comment if you think I have asked for too much or too

    With grateful thanks

    Keith McElroy
    Senior Biomechanist
    University of Ballarat