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More Spasticity Measurement..

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  • More Spasticity Measurement..

    Hello Everyone,

    Garth Johnson's request for information about spasticity
    measurement prompted me to just broadcast this message about my project.

    I am studying for a masters degree in biomedical engineering at the
    University of Surrey. I am doing my research project on the measurement
    of spasticity in the lower leg muscles of stroke patients who are
    using functional electrical stimulation to correct 'dropped-foot'. A
    long title but most scientific research has to be identified in detail
    I guess.

    I am using passive movement of the ankle to elicit the stretch
    reflex response. I am getting there, but, there is still so much I
    have to learn about the intricacies of spasticity and its measurement.
    For my project, I actually have to design and build a clinical test
    rig. I am using a motor driven footplate which will be driven at
    constant angular speeds. I am trying to initially measure the torque
    by monitoring the current demanded by the motor since a force
    transducer/load cell would be much too expensive for my meager
    project budget.

    I'd just like to know if anyone had any experience in building
    a rig from scratch and taking measurements with load cell/force transducers
    or by monitoring the current into the motor. Any other comments ?????

    Thanks for your attention,

    Mary Hannan
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Biomedical Engineering Group
    University of Surrey