The file that follows will give you a fair idea of what
I'm into. Those who find the ideas of our foundation,
Project Mind, of interest are invited to ask for any or all of:

1. 10 page essay, "Science Can Become Holistic."
2. Subscription info. on our mind/matter list "MOCHIN."
3. A recent S.E.N., "micro" book review on PROJECT MIND.

Basically, we believe science to be the greatest spiritual
undertaking ever, but that many scientists have yet to recognize the
spiritual nature of their vocation. Hopefully, what are now "Eureka"
sparks of creative vision, that drive the vast mechanical enterprise
we call "science," will become more enduring connections with the
source of that vision and thus less fragmented and polluting in their
technological "spin-offs."

We'll be pleased to hear from you,

Jan Shepherd
Project Mind Foundation
email: jshepher@loyalistc.on.ca

Materialism is the unconscious conviction that existence
is substantially physical. Just as the restriction of mind
by matter occludes mind, the restriction of matter by mind
reveals mind. - T.Kun