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    >On Fri, 22 Jul 1994, DGJB000 wrote:
    >> For those of you who have an Ariel system or for those
    >> of you who may be thinking of purchasing an Ariel system, I
    >> believe the information in an article by the San Diego
    >> Union-Tribune newspaper is important. The article was
    >> published on May 1, 1994 and is in the business section.
    >> The title is, "Demise of Ariel-a real whodunit".
    >> Please do not respond to me, I am making no statements
    >> for or against the Ariel company.
    >> John Blackwell
    >> University of Texas at El Paso

    >I cannot understand the purpose of this message. Scientific user groups
    >should not be used for the propagation of "newspaper gossip".
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    Obviously Virgil Stokes does not understand the purpose of John Blackwell's
    message because he has not read the newspaper article in question. John
    Blackwell is merely bringing attention to some potentially important
    information for subscribers to BIOMCH-L. Before anyone else makes further
    comment I would recommend reading the original story, written by Don

    The San Diego Union-Tribune (619-299-3131) will fax you a copy of the story
    on request.

    --Vernon McDonald

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