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  • To all good will scientists

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    __________________________________________________ ____
    Please do not consider as a junk mail! Feel free to forward this
    You should notice that number of Russian researchers in American
    labs are growing. It seems, like Russians are coming. Why is that?
    Simply because these people could not do research in Russia. No
    equipment, no scientific journals, no reagents, no salary. However,
    the vast majority of Russian scientists are still in Russia and they
    try to do research there. But how? All of you know the economical
    disaster which is going on in Russia now. All of you can obviously
    see that research is not the first priority for Russian government.
    The only help researchers receive is from the West, but you can
    hardly imagine that almost 100% of financial support goes to
    Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thousands of researchers in Russian
    provinces are trying to work having nothing, sometimes even
    salary. Grant system in the United States does not make any
    difference between researcher from Alaska, Texas or Harvard, but
    in Russia "some animals are more equal". We are provincial
    Russian researchers who managed to overcome all obstacles and
    came here in US. We are here, but we are rare exception. We feel
    the moral obligation to help our fellows-researchers over there.
    We've organized Association in order to help Russian provincial
    scientists. We ask you here to help us in our efforts. Your help
    could be in all possible ways. Subscribe the journal to your
    colleague in Russian province. Donate some reagents to Russian
    provincial lab. Be a sponsor of provincial postgraduate student.
    Make financial donations. Your help will be highly appreciated
    and acknowledged in the articles and letters from your grateful
    Russian colleagues.
    All your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. No
    flames please!
    Write directly to Association "INTER F" P.O.Box 4056 Ann Arbor
    (MI) 48106-4056 or e-mail