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Student to visit Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • Student to visit Las Vegas, Nevada

    Dear readers,
    a member of our laboratory, Richard Evans, will be visiting LAS
    VEGAS, Nevada in August. While in the area he thought it might be
    PROFITable for him to visit with fellow Biomechanists who may have
    research laboratories in that local vicinity. If you wish to take a
    GAMBLE on Rich (he's really quite a nice fellow) and are willing to
    invite him to your facility, or if you know of someone else (not yet
    BIOMCH-L aware) who also might, please drop us a line.

    On a more general note, Rich's request has brought to mind the
    thought that we should establish a directory of Biomechanics
    research facilities, perhaps listing address particulars, general
    areas of research and members from each facility. The list could be
    composed from readers submissions and posted for down-loading. Any

    In closing, if any of you happen to find yourself in Toronto, Canada
    we welcome your visit!

    Kevin Arthur Ball, B.P.H.E., M.Sc.
    School of Physical and Health Education
    University of Toronto
    320 Huron St.
    Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1

    Ph (416) 978-3196
    Fax (416) 978-4384