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Change of email address for Rick Hinrichs

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  • Change of email address for Rick Hinrichs

    Dear Biomch-l folks:

    In the spirit of economy and less effort, I have registered an email "alias"
    address at Arizona State University which you should all be able to remember:

    If you want to contact me, just send an email note to the above alias address
    and it will be routed to whichever email address I am using at the time. Since
    we are having trouble with our local area network at the present time, all mail
    sent to Hinrichs@ESPE1.LA.ASU.EDU will probably be returned. Currently I am
    using my VAX account ( with the above alias so I can
    receive all email sent to Then when (and if) I switch back
    to our LAN email system, I'll switch the alias back. If you just record my
    alias, that is all you will need to contact me. Thanks for your time. I hope
    the new school year is treating you well. At this time of year we in Phoenix
    are hoping for cooler weather (currently 42 degrees C and at least six more
    weeks before it cools off substantially).!

    --Rick Hinrichs
    Arizona State University