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Rehab Research Fellowships

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  • Rehab Research Fellowships

    ****** Please respond only by Surface Mail to the address at the
    ****** end of this announcement. Electronic Mail cannot be forwarded.

    The Mayo Clinic Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is
    pleased to announce the opportunity for postdoctoral research sponsored
    by the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research (MCMRR).

    Physisians with training in PM&R, Neurology, Orthopedics, Anesthesiology
    Geriatrics or Psychiatry, or other related specialties

    PhDs or equivalent training in rehabilitation-related fields such as
    OT, PT, Speech Pathology, social work, Biomechanical Engineering, and

    U.S. Citizen or lawful resident, non-citizen

    Two Years with an optional third year extension.

    o Epidemiology and Biostatistics
    o Pain
    o Biomechanics

    These positions will involve working with nationally and internationally
    known individuals from the Mayo Clinic Departments of Physical Medicine
    and Rehabilitation, Neurology, Biomechanics, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry,
    and Health Sciences Research.

    Access to excellent resources in the following areas will be available:
    o Statistics and Regression Analysis
    o Epidemiology
    o Research Ethics
    o Cliinical Research and trial design
    o Animal research
    o Questionaire and survey research
    o Computer methods

    For information, please contact:

    Karla Hemker
    Mayo Clinic Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    200 First Street, S.W.
    Rochester, MN 55905

    FAX: (507)284-0920

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