Dear Biomch-l Subscribers:

I am working on a project that involves the 3-D modeling of traumatic injuries in human limbs (particular emphasize will be given to the thigh). The project will have applications in the evaluation of injury consequences and in the training of medics to treat the injuries.

As a part of this study, we are interested in modeling the bleeding of injured muscles, nerves blood vessels, etc.(e.g. injuries caused by gun shot wounds). Since I just started working in this project, any information related to the following questions would be very valuable.

Q1. Are there any well known bleeding models in the literature?
Q2. How can I gather some physical data (i.e: flow rate through blood vessels, cross-sectional areas of vessels, bones, viscosity of blood, etc.)
Q3. Are there any public domain or commercial softwares or tool kits available?

I will post the summary of responses as it is customary in BIOMCH-L

Thank you for your time in advance

Cagatay Basdogan, Ph.D
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