Dear Biomech-L readers,
I would like measure the successive step lengths over 100 and more strides
of healthy and hemiparetic gait in our rehabilitation unit. Therefor I'm
looking for a small device, which measures the maximum distance between
both legs and is fixed at the ankles. I think about ultra sonics or
electrical conductive elastomere. The data should be transferred by a
radiotransmitter or collected in a memory card data logger.
I would be grateful if someone could help me with manufacurers or
supplierers (including fax/ohone number if possible).
The data will be used to evaluate the long time success of our gait
training in the neurological rehabilitation of stroke patients.
A other need is the information about 100% working foot switche - products
to estimate the heel-on and toe-off contact in rehabilitation. Becouse
the patients touch the ground with other points of his/her foot soles
as this a healthy person does, we have difficulties. There are some
comments about this ? I will collect the answers and return all to the
Many thanks
Michael Schauer, Dr.-Ing.
Dept. of neurological rehabilitation of the Free University Berlin
Kladower Damm 223
14089 Berlin