I happened to be watching Dateline NBC last night and saw a motion recording
system that blew me away. The system consisted of sensors taped to various
points on a dancers body (looked like duct tape - no mention of what type of
sensors), then attached to an overhead cable system which was connected to a
large bank of input devices of some type called a "flock of birds". From there
the signal was somehow relayed and processed so that it produced instantaneous
real time motion in a wire frame figure on the computer monitor. The story was
about somone who was using this system to animate gas pumps for commercials. I
was blown away thinking about the uses of such a system in biomechanics. It
involved no video, simply sensors, cables and someone in motion. Does anyone
out there know any more about this type of system? What is it's true potential?
Are similar systems being used for research somewhere? How much odes a thing
like this cost? What sort of devices are in the "flock of birds" set-up? What
sort of sensors are being used? What type of software is required? Would
appreciate any info you have.


Nancy Hamilton
University of Northern Iowa