> It
>involved no video, simply sensors, cables and someone in motion. Does anyone
>out there know any more about this type of system? What is it's true potential?
>Are similar systems being used for research somewhere? How much odes a thing
>like this cost? What sort of devices are in the "flock of birds" set-up? What
>sort of sensors are being used? What type of software is required?

Hello Nancy

I have met someone who developed a movement monitoring system (without
videos and cables) which has been used in some hospitals and research
institutions in England (UK) . I am sure he will be able to give you the
details you are looking for. He has been marketing the product himself.
Here is his name and address:

David Mitchelson
Charnwood Dynamics Ltd.
17 South Street
Barrow on Soar
Leics. LE12 8LY
England, UK

Tel:+44 509 620388
Fax:+44 509 236953

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Dr B Serpil Acar
Department of Computer Studies,
Loughborough University of Technology
Loughborough, Leics.
LE11 3TU

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tel: +44 1509 222 879 fax: +44 1509 211 586 e-mail: S.Acar@lut.ac.uk

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