Dear biomch-l community,

I am a PhD student currently working on a project in which we try to investigate the role
of joint play especially within the knee joint. Doing some modelling in 2D is just fine
to get the idea but in order to draw relevant conclusions, we want to extend the concept
in three space.

We already measured the motion of a specimen using a 3D digitizer based on ultrasound
markers fixed on both femur and tibia but the problem that we currently tackle with is
the aquisition of the articulating joint surfaces of femur/tibia and femur/patella.

We are aware that in literature people do work with 3D joint surface models. I would like
to ask the netters...

1. ...if someone has already performed such a measurement of joint surfaces and is
willing to share some experience concerning the equipment used and the accuracy achieved.

2. ...if someone is working with such data and can provide me with a dataset.

Thank you for your time (and effort?!)

Stefan Schreiber

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